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A venue with history and character.

Choosing a wedding venue that is so steeped in history and character really adds to the ambience of the day, living on through memories and photographs. Garthmyl Hall is a grade-two listed Georgian country house that simply oozes sophisticated charm and character that is evident throughout the building and grounds. 

The Hall was originally built in 1859 by architect James K Colling for Major-General Gold. Colling was given a free hand when building Garthmyl Hall, using lavish gilding and plasterwork for the ceiling decoration, and ornamental terracotta on the exterior. Garthmyl Hall was bought by Julia and her family in October 2015, it has been an extensive restoration project inside and out which has been designed and managed by Julia. 

The transformation that Garthmyl Hall has undergone over the past few years has been nothing short of miraculous, with the Hall today being one of the most beautifully finished, true to character venues in the country.  

A magical moment that happened during the renovation project was when builders discovered a letter hidden up one of the chimney breasts, inside the Hall. It turned out to be a letter to Father Christmas from a previous owner when she was a little girl, which later led to the very same girl (Mrs Christine Churchill, now in her 80s) opening the Hall with Julia Pugh back in 2015.

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